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Edge Of Eternity

In Edge of Eternity, two worlds collide that could hardly be more different: The inhabitants of Heryon try to resist the invasion of the alien Archelites and their technological superiority with ancient weapons and magical powers. Heryon even seems to have the advantage at last. But then the Archelites use a particularly cruel weapon: Decomposition - a biological warfare agent that gradually transforms its victims into hideous deformities.

A fate that also blossoms for the mother of soldier Daryon, as his sister Selene, who works as a priestess, informs him in a letter. But she also holds out the hope of an antidote, for which both embark on a long journey through the entire country to find Master Alpharius - at first all alone, later also with the support of defensible companions such as ex-army comrade Khalder or fortune teller Myrna.

The locations are vast and varied, the walks often long. At least until you can use one of the cat-like Nekaruh as amount - even for races. In addition, the domesticated big cats can also scent treasure and dig it up when approached. Sometimes, however, instead of hidden gems, they unearth aggressive monsters, which then entangle the group in turn-based combat.

You can also let time pass manually, take a defensive stance, or change positions. Unlike many genre colleagues, the battles don't just take place in symbolic arenas, but on hexagonally gridded battlefields, where you not only have to consider weapon and action ranges but where you can also move around for advantageous back or flanking attacks. Taking advantage of elemental weaknesses, which once figured out are permanently noted, is also important. Preferred starting formations can also be set in the main menu.

With Edge of Eternity, the small French Midgar Studio has created a remarkable Japanese-style role-playing epic, which doesn't have to hide from the titles of larger studios in terms of story, game mechanics, and scope. The scenario is interesting, the world huge, and the locations vary. The game world and characters, however, seem unusually rigid and sterile despite quiet atmospheric moments. You often feel like you're in an online role-playing game without any other players. In addition, there are annoying display errors and limitations in navigation and handling. However, despite the noticeable lack of polish, the odyssey of Daryon and Selene entertained well overall.

Edge Of Eternity

3.5 / 5

Edge Of Eternity Logo
Author: Midgar Studio
Size: 20 GB available space

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