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After you have found jewelry such as beads, shells, or horns for mask making in the idyllic fantasy worlds, several masks decorated with them quickly hang on the walls of my workshop. If you put them on your face in turn, they can beam themselves to different places in a level. With the doll-like creatures taken over there, investigate the area for further passages and crafting materials.

Thus, a nice, idiosyncratic game flow unfolds with constant location changes, interwoven puzzles, search missions, various gear mechanisms, and mechanics puzzles. Some of them confuse, though: the developers should have made it more emphatically clear, for example, that teleportation plays an important role alongside the walk controls, especially when reaching ledges. Some of the off-screen tutorial sentences were even cut off too early. Those who want to be taken a bit more by the hand will probably be better served with the self-contained puzzles of Twilight Path.

Interface errors are once again among the developer's weaknesses so that objects get stuck here and there. Already the uncovering of the blanks seems plain here. Here, on the other hand, you simply hammer roughly with hammer and chisel in the right direction - done. The numerous decorations with found objects also slip quasi-magnetically into predefined recesses. 

The softly glowing workshop, tree houses reminiscent of Myst or a stylized village behind a snowy mountain peak create a pleasantly exotic feeling of presence - even if the scenery is not as detailed as in Mare, Ghost Giant, or The Room VR: A Dark Matter. The frame story also arouses curiosity - with themes like a failed apprentice of the magical mask workshop or warnings about the king in the other world. 

Some comfort settings for vignette, rotation & co. ensure (together with the additional teleportation) that no nausea arises. 

Maskmaker's puzzle mechanics are admittedly not as overwhelming as A Fisherman's Tale's game of scale. In return, however, the taking over of different characters with custom-made masks is noticeably more mature - and with around five hours of gameplay, also about twice as extensive. It's a shame that crafting the masks doesn't require more delicate techniques like in Spectrobes. This is where Innerspace leaves a lot of potential for VR motion control. In return, everything is a bit cleaner than in Lighthouse. Overall, the puzzle adventure was pleasantly captivating with all kinds of location changes and its mysterious presence.


4.5 / 5

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Author: InnerspaceVR
Size: 10 GB available space

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