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4.5 / 5


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NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139...

What does "Nier" actually mean? Hard to say. For many, it could be the name of the hero, but you type it in freely at the beginning. In any case, it's his story, which you follow in the future more than a thousand years away. After an apocalyptic event, the surviving people there have retreated to small settlements, where they do not lead a quiet life, however, but are attacked by so-called shadows and, to make matters worse, are threatened by a deadly disease, the runic plague. Yonah, the sister of the alter ego, is also afflicted by it, which is why he is on the search for a cure.

Of course, this isn't done quickly, and so you not only eliminate quite a few shadows but also do small favors for other villagers, which lead across the equally manageable and astonishingly believable setting. Roughly speaking, Nier is an action-adventure with small role-playing game parts - and much more.

The constant fight against death is thus the defining theme, both in terms of gameplay and narrative, and not only in the context of the central plot but also in many of the short stories that you experience while completing the side missions. It is rarely about major historical events or their consequences. Rather, the focus is on how individual people deal with loss or the fear of it. Yoko Taro tells of a world full of melancholy, which seems doomed. In which abominable abysses open up. But whose protagonists never throw in the towel.

At the same time, it has to be said that Nier is quite old-fashioned in terms of staging. Some cinematic scenes show impressive images, but apart from that, characters often simply face each other while you click through their lines of dialogue one by one. It's a pity that you can't at least let the conversations run automatically. In contrast to the original, they are finally completely set to music, which greatly enhances the conversations. Nevertheless, the classic look of staring at the minimally animated people is not exactly gripping, at least not in movie scenes.

For ver.1.22474487139... what was already true for the original still applies: Purely in terms of game mechanics, it is not an outstanding game. Many sequences are too monotonous, the storytelling sometimes old-fashioned, and most of the fights not challenging enough. Nier consists of many elements that don't always make for a gripping adventure on their own - but in their entirety make it an incomparable experience! Alone the inventive bosses, but also the frequent perspective changes, platform passages, or reading in a text adventure make many moments special. Because all of this takes place in a world that feels like home, and not just for the alter ego, I once again enjoyed every second in Yoko Taro's unique universe. Especially since, despite the aforementioned weaknesses, he and Toylogic have not only technically modernized the original, but also greatly improved it in terms of gameplay. The fast-paced battle system alone is a boon compared to its roots at the time. Not to mention the finally contemporary backdrops with 60-second frames. Above all, Nier still thrives on Taro's unique characters, immensely likable or otherwise strong. They are the protagonists of a story full of twists and turns, which is carried to great emotional moments by an outstanding soundtrack like a fantasy opera. 

NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139...

4.5 / 5

NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139... Logo
Author: Square Enix
Size: 26 GB available space

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