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Operation: Tango

Operation: Tango can only be experienced together with another player - if you are looking for a pure solo experience, you are in the wrong place. In addition, you have to be connected via an online network and both players not only have to have a microphone for the voice chat but also their screen. The lack of local interaction is due to the asymmetrical approach, which can also be found in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, for example. This means that both players, hacker, and spy, not only take on two fundamentally different roles but also see different things on the screen and can interact with the environment, machines, or people in individual ways.

The fact that both players do not see the same things on the screen is the basic requirement for the central game component: Although you have to master various skill interludes in both roles or crack small puzzles in between, the focus is without a doubt on the communication between the partners. Often, you simply have to describe what you are seeing to your counterpart or give feedback. Some situations even require synchronous timing, for example when you have to press buttons at the same time. To make matters worse, some challenges have an additional time limit breathing down your neck, which will quickly make you break out in a sweat. Fortunately, the reset points are set relatively fairly, so that the frustration is kept within limits. If both players split up in the middle of a running mission, they are also allowed to continue at about the same point where they left off and can even switch roles if desired.

The mission takes the team of two around the globe and is pleasantly varied. The tasks include infiltrating buildings, rappelling down a laser-protected shaft á la Mission Impossible, or finding a passenger in a train, whose emergency braking system you also have to take care of. In addition, as a hacker, you guide your spy partner past drone patrols or other deadly traps, among other things. 


It was really fun to save the world as a well-rehearsed team of spy and hackers! Operation: Tango is fully tailored to a co-op experience, for which you need a teammate, but you should be able to find one quickly thanks to Friends Pass and support for cross-platform play. And it's worth it: you'll laugh, puzzle, and swear a lot together! But most of all, you will master the diversely designed challenges in teamwork through the power of communication and have a lot of fun despite all the hustle and bustle and a sometimes lack of perspective. Unfortunately, the creativity and variety of the game diminish somewhat towards the end of the short campaign, and despite certain parallels, Operation: Tango lacks the party dynamics of a Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Furthermore, you shouldn't expect too much from the story and staging. However, those who want to experience a charming co-op game with an asymmetrical relationship between both players should pick up Operation: Tango.

Operation: Tango

4.5 / 5

Operation: Tango Logo
Author: Clever Plays
Size: 3 GB available space

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