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As a build-up simulation, Satisfactory focuses on the establishment and automation of entire production chains - from the procurement of raw materials from natural sources, through transport to further processing, to the finished end product. It starts straightforward and then becomes increasingly complex. Over time, the paltry mini-base becomes a gigantic, resource-guzzling monster ... and in the middle of it one or more employees of the company FICSIT, who pursue the goal of developing the raw material deposits on the planet Massage 2(AB)b.

In this sense: Stay effective and don't break the company property! For the company with the friendly logo, you construct increasingly complex components that are shot into orbit with the massive space elevator, while you research new technologies in the HUB to be able to process more elements and produce better things. More story backgrounds are not yet to be discovered in the manually created and approx. 30 km² large world, but could provide a better setting in the future. Nevertheless, the actual gameplay turns out to be an unparalleled time-eater.

The clever progression spiral can be incredibly motivating: It starts with making iron ingots from iron ore in the smelting furnace. The iron ingots are then processed into iron plates or iron bars in the constructor. While you initially carry the materials from A to B by hand, the conveyor belts prove to be a boon of automation before moving on to copper and limestone. In the meantime, one then considers how many iron ingots per minute are needed so that the iron plate production is utilized to the best possible extent.

At the latest when conveyor splitter and conveyor fascinators are unlocked by deliveries to FICSIT, more complex plants can be built. They can comprise several floors
and the statics do not play a role in the construction. Beautiful builders, meanwhile, get to play around with foundations, wall mounts, spotlights, and dedicated entrances.


Already in Early Access, Satisfactory is a top-notch factory-building game in a sandbox world. Building and automating production chains starts slowly and then becomes more elaborate, complex as well as multi-layered. Then the exploration of the alien game world and the constant optimization with Schönbau come more into focus until a motivating whole unfolds in which you can forget about time. There is always something to do up to the high technology levels, especially since you can determine the game's pace yourself without any pressure. The interface design also clearly surpasses the original. While the scope and the game mechanics already seem surprisingly good and mature, the Early Access status can only be seen in some places in the game world and the absence of a framework story. But what Satisfactory currently offers doesn't need to hide at all. It is simply a very good game - and it can get even better.


5 / 5

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Author: Coffee Stain Studios
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