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Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Even if you are rather patient as a role-player and are looking for game fun in the long run of dozens of hours, the entry is important in this genre as well. Because when the curtain opens on a new world, even little things can set the mood. Solasta: Crown of the Magister menus are almost futuristically sterile, the art design is arbitrary in terms of fashion, weapons & co, the characters are crude and the clumsy presentation of the party of four, including the dialogues, is almost creepy.

The council's client, who is looking for a group of heroes to search for a lost captain and his troop in the borderlands, has the presence of a discarded Augsburg doll; facial expressions and gestures seem brittle. Then you talk to a barkeeper in the almost empty tavern, who as a character can't even serve any alcohol-dispensing cliché, but seems like an android. And at the latest, when you are on your way to the almost uninhabited capital of the realm to equip yourself for the first mission, instead of a crackling fantasy fire you only feel the functional coldness of a seemingly quickly glued together world.

What stands out positively? Almost everything regarding the controls, plus nice little things. You can comfortably navigate through the menus, immediately bypass annoying conversations at merchants with a click on the offer, fast travel to quest givers even on the city map, and later use teleporters to skip the journey with its random events including rest and ration consumption even on the three-dimensionally illustrated world map - although it is solidly staged and can create something like wanderlust when all the foreign names there lure you in. Also the idea with the raiders, who visit already explored places like castles and collect the remaining loot there to sell it back to the heroes with a share, is nice - especially since you then don't have to carry everything yourself, also considering the load with its negative effects.


Solasta: Crown of the Magister may not be able to set any atmospheric marks within the genre: The art design, the game world, the characters, the dialogues - so many things seem arbitrary, sterile to creepy, especially for connoisseurs of Western fantasy. But those who get involved in the adventure will experience an acceptable story in the long run, despite many clichés, and will be freshly entertained by some game-mechanical subtleties. The D&D rulebook is joined by pleasantly interactive options in tactical combat as well as vertical exploration, especially since acrobatics, as well as lighting, is also relevant. There are some bugs and inconsistencies, almost no life in the city, only a news ticker on the journey, and one misses more party interaction. But there are nice ideas like the looters, nice puzzle situations, rhetorical solutions instead of just combat as well as several factions that at least give the world a political framework as well as the distribution of historical artifacts motivating facets. The bottom line is that this premiere can be surprisingly solidly entertaining despite all the shortcomings.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister

4.5 / 5

Solasta: Crown of the Magister Logo
Author: Tactical Adventures
Size: 40 GB available space

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