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Subnautica: Below Zero

Subnautica already managed to stand out pleasantly from other survival titles with its mysterious crash story on a watery planet. The successor Below Zero, which has been relocated to colder parts of the planet, is supposed to go one better in many areas, such as the variety or the technical implementation. Since the story takes place after Part 1, a big mystery has already been revealed. This time, the developers present a more personal story about the disappearance of the sister, but also about the further fate of the world. However, this starting point also raises some questions - especially if you like exploring abandoned places. After a hostile takeover of her employer, who was working on shady experiments, protagonist Robin flees from the Alterra corporation by emergency capsule to the icy surface of "4546B" and builds up various bases in the sea.

From there she starts her expeditions in search of clues to her missing sister Samantha alias Sam. She was reported deceased by the company with not very credible explanations after she asked uncomfortable questions. 

The adventure of the alien explorer Robin finally takes place in a region where she also has to search for glowing relics of an ancient civilization to get behind the secrets of their technology. We'd rather not reveal exactly how this plays out, but the philosophical discussions about differences to human electronics, limited lifespans, and other evolutionary topics are clearly among the game's highlights, as they always unexpectedly lighten up the adventure! Also, the encounter with a strange woman in a mech suit foreshadows that Robin is not as alone as expected amidst the abandoned, half-ruined research stations.

But even in lonely moments, she is repeatedly attacked by the harsh climate and intrusive beasts like saber-toothed tiger aliens. Without the later thermal suit, you have to flee to hot springs or into warm shelters again and again, especially during longer land tours, in order not to freeze to death. 

The beautifully designed icy underwater world of Subnautica: Below Zero with its breathtaking weather capers also has a powerful pull in the full version! Whether you find an air bubble plant at the last second on deep diving excursions or flee from a blizzard or a saber-toothed tiger: Here, the fight for survival is much more idyllic and engaging than in other survival games. The story also contributes its share, because, despite sparsely presented text and audio logs, there are some interesting philosophical dialogs. Developer Unknown Worlds has found a motivating mixture with suitable orientation aids to draw curious players deeper and deeper into its world.

Subnautica: Below Zero

4.5 / 5

Subnautica: Below Zero Logo
Author: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Size: 15 GB available space

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