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The Forest

Survive on a deserted island whose nature has remained largely untouched by man. Scour green forests in rain, heat, or thunderstorms, explore abandoned caves and mine shafts, or explore the north frozen by snow! Collect food or hunt down creatures. But be careful! Not all animals are friendly!

"The Forest" is a survival simulator with horror elements and is developed by Endnight Games. 

In "The Forest" you have to survive as long as possible and find your son, Timmy because he was kidnapped after a mysterious plane crash by some creatures. You are on your own and have to fight for survival on a deserted island. There are wild animals, natives, and mutants that can kill you. You have to take care of food and also defend yourself against enemies. By the way, help is provided by a survival book, which contains construction plans for fireplaces, traps, and camps.

This game is a survival simulator. A sandbox game that does not have a storyline. There are story elements, but the player has to figure out the events and connections himself. The main task is to survive! 

The graphics are very impressive for an indie studio and the features and choice of buildings are very extensive. 

The game promises us an open world. This open-world is set on a large island in the middle of a deep, green forest. This forest is home to diverse flora. We can see grasses, deciduous trees, conifers, mushrooms, tree fungi, berries, ponds, lakes, beaches, dark caves, animals, and rocky slopes. A dream for every explorer. Some discoveries will give you impressions about life in the wild, other discoveries will try to "eat" you. 

But not only explorers will find their fun in this game. The building model allows us to build our dwelling. Our village, our traps. But for this, we need raw materials or items. The crafting model with which we can produce medicine and weapons expands the game again with some useful items & strategies. 

The landscape and also the enemies are lovingly designed. You can especially see this in the details of the totems or offerings of our opponents. Disturbing totems erected by our opponents prove the eerie, beautiful creativity of the developers. This is rounded off by wonderful graphics, which were even nominated for an award.

The Forest

4.5 / 5

The Forest Logo
Author: Endnight Games Ltd
Size: 5 GB available space

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