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The Wild at Heart

When young Wake runs away from home, he has no idea that an adventurous journey is about to begin for him and his best friend Kirby. The Wild at Heart from the US developer collective Moonlight Kids and publisher Humble Games tells of a magical world, dark dangers, and a childlike escape from the world in atmospheric images. Can the Pikmin-inspired action-adventure game convince in the test?

The old guard Graumantel is the first to welcome Wake to the unusual, graphically wonderfully designed world. He asks him to help him find his Guardian friends so that the Order of the Green Witch can face a dark danger: the Never. For ages, they have guarded the Never, which brings darkness and oblivion. But now it creeps out of its holes, especially at night, and causes fear and terror. Of course, Wake agrees to help and hopes to find his girlfriend Kirby, with whom he wanted to run away together, in the search for the lost guardians. Of course, she too has made it to the Deep Forest and soon they are making the area unsafe together.

On their search, Wake and Kirby are accompanied by the Elflings, to which the small creature from the beginning also belongs. Elflings are assigned to different elements. They follow the two children, get thrown into the fray with monsters, move rocks and solve puzzles. In the process, the different characteristics help them overcome special challenges and open new paths.

The main story of The Wild at Heat is somewhat superficial, but sensitively told and keeps you engaged. Nevertheless, there are always quieter periods in which you'll have to look for new paths or traverse longer sections without advancing the plot.

During your journey, time flies by. While the day already holds dangers, the night is even deadly. The Never appears as soon as the moon rises and hunts you. It cannot be defeated, but it can be stopped. So you should always have some light with you or spend the night in the protected grove. But it's worth not disappearing into your cozy bed every night because the night sometimes offers new possibilities.

The story and graphics are charming, but some bugs keep tearing you away from the adventure. For example, minor problems often occur in front of tree trunks that Kirby can squeeze through to get to more remote locations, or during conversations. The character prances around until he finally reaches the spot to trigger the event. This action can't be canceled, either.

The Wild at Heart is an atmospheric adventure tale with great character design and an imaginative world. It's fun to send the Pikmin-style elflings into battle or solve puzzles with them - even if you sometimes wish they were a bit more proactive, especially in dangerous situations, like the goblins in Overlord. The AI of the elflings could also be a bit more clever so that you don't lose them so often or accidentally drive them into the deadly swamp behind you by a mere change of direction. Still, it's fun to explore the varied areas of the Deep Forest and search for secrets. Unfortunately, there are still a few bugs that tarnish the gaming experience somewhat. Nevertheless, the game is a recommendation for indie fans and Pikmin fans.

The Wild at Heart

4.5 / 5

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Author: Moonlight Kids
Size: 4 GB available space

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